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Catch Up on the Latest News at Kathryn Ann Designs

  • Proper Storage and Cleaning Your Bracelets

    Caring for, and cleaning your bracelets.Many people say that the more you wear your jewelry, the better it will look! We agree. Here are a few tips...
  • Care of your bracelet: Clipping a runaway thread!

    From wearing your bracelet, movement may allow the end of a thread to stick out, in between the beadwork. This video shows you how to clip the thread without damaging your bracelet. Be sure to keep the scissors parallel to the beadwork. Do not cut Into the body of the bracelet! Contact us with any questions!
  • Announcement of Reseller Agreement with Amy Sport Co, a division of SpitFire Petite Inc.

    Kathryn Ann Designs enter into Reseller Agreement with Amy Sport, a division of SpitFire Petite Inc. in La Quinta, CA
  • The Creation of a Kathryn Ann Designs Bracelet

    This time elapsed video shows the creation of a Kathryn Ann Designs bracelets.  Each bracelet is handcrafted one-by-one by Katie herself.  Truly a labor of love!