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How Long Will It Take For My Order to Ship?

All orders will be shipped within 3-5 days business days (Monday through Friday) of purchase.  You will receive a shipping confirmation via email once your order has shipped.  Please allow 48 hours for tracking information to be active.

What is the best way to put the bracelets on?

Roll each one of your bracelets on with a bit of care.  Each piece took many hours to make, so take your time rolling it over your knuckles!  It shouldn't be too tight as it rolls on- if it is, a larger size may be needed- just contact us.

Can I Get My Bracelet Repaired If It Breaks?

Yes, we do offer repairs for Kathryn Ann Designs merchandise.  Please email a photo of your item to to begin the repair process.

Are There Associated Fees with Repairs?

Depending on the repair needed, we will advise of the cost after the photo is received and the damage assessed. At this time, we will also determine how long the repairs will take.  

How do I store my bracelets?

For short periods of time, you may store your bracelet in the KA ultra suede pouch your bracelet came in.  If you are storing your bracelets for a long period of time, flannel bags and pouches specified for silver storage are the best.  If these pouches and bags are lost, you may place it in a zip-top plastic bag.

How do I clean my bracelets?

From time to time your beads may need to be refreshed or polished.  For the Rose Gold and Gold filled beads, a gentle wash with warm water and soap is good.  Put your bracelet on and clap your hands a few times to release the water trapped in the beads. 

You’re good to go!

For Sterling Silver beads, we recommend using silver polish cream.  Roll the bracelet over your fingers. (Spread your fingers out, making the piece firm.)  Apply a minimal amount of silver cream onto the provided sponge. Gently rub directly onto the beads.  Move the bracelet around in your fingers to ensure that all sides of the piece and beads are polished.  Rinse with warm water. (Make sure all the cream is rinsed off.). Dry with a soft clean cloth or towel.  Put your bracelet on and clap your hands a few times to release the water trapped in the beads.

What Sizes Are Your Bracelets Offered In?

Our standard size for our bracelets is 7.5 inches.  If you need a custom order, please email us at

My Bracelet Does Not Fit-Do You Have a Smaller or Bigger Size?

Yes, we can custom make both a smaller or larger size bracelet upon request.  Due to the nature of the bracelet, they are very difficult to resize. We would prefer to return the current bracelet and we will send you a new one.  

If you see something on our site that you would like to order in a smaller or larger size, please email us directly.

Can I Cancel My Order?

We are sorry you want to cancel your order.  Please email to process your cancellation.  If your order has already been shipped, we will be unable to process a cancellation and you will need to proceed with a return.  Custom orders cannot be cancelled.

Can I Change my Order?

If you would like to change your order, please email as soon as possible.  Once your items have shipped, we are unable to change your order.  Custom orders cannot be changed once confirmed.